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3:47 AM…

It is 3:47 AM and I can’t fall back asleep. So I am drinking wine and thinking about the dream I had recently. I feel there are some hidden meanings within it that deserve to be examined. So while my children and wife are sleeping I shall ponder upon it in the moonlight.

So I am walking along in this field. (Why am I always walking in dreams? Can’t I be on some kickass stallion or flying around on a griffin or something?) And suddenly I am holding a shotgun. (I would rather be holding a double bladed battle axe… but I won’t be picky in dreams.) When I see this rabbit start running across the field. I do what any man with a shotgun, alone, in a field, and sees an obviously crazy rabbit running around… I shot it. (Before you judge I have come to the conclusion that this rabbit actually represented the squirrel in my backyard. They are devious creatures and will do anything, even wear rabbit costumes apparently.) I walked up to that rabbit and I found an Easter basket. I started to feel bad. I picked up that basket and found chocolate in it, which I promptly began to eat while walking away. I instantly felt better. (I am really not sure what that ending means…)

So yea… that was my dream. I’m thinking it means I will be King of the world someday. I am sure of it actually.


I am a Tornado

Someone once called me a tornado. They said I appeared out of thin air, was immediately everywhere, and then like *that* I would vanish. I think that might be the best description of me. WordPress is great and I enjoy the interaction I have found here, but don’t be surprised if one day I just disappear. It won’t be theatrics or for attention, so don’t get overly concerned. It is simply in my nature and you cannot cage that. I am a tornado.

-Opinionated Man

I am sorry

I neglected you. You sat there inches from water, I let you thirst. You were so close to a clean life. I left you stained, better had you been broken and discarded in the trash below. The trash that even now sits inches from a dying refresher.

I left you as well, laying there sprawled across the sofa. I did not even bother to pick you up. What a shame. You and the others like you lay there still, like bones on an empty battlefield.

And lastly I neglected you. You sat there patiently waiting. Neither tapping your foot or giving me lip, you sat there patient as ever. I was busy, still you sat.

Dishes, laundry, and the trash, my chores I have neglected you. I’m sorry, I blame the blog.

-Opinionated Man

What Religion Are You???

I have never done this before. This should be interested and might give some insight into the “readers” I have here. What religion are you? Care to share?


The Daily Opinion – Travel

If you could be somewhere else right now where would it be?

The Daily Opinion – Connections

How many new connections have you made this week?


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