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There is always discussion about anonymity and blogging. There is less of one about anonymity and business, but I think I have already run into some issues with that. I have always hidden my name for safety, practicality, and just… because. I am not important and so it really isn’t a huge deal who I am.

My name is Jason Cushman. Ok… I am glad we got that out of the way. Now hopefully people can feel a little better about doing business with me.

Please keep in mind that I have absolutely no use for your “email lists” or even your real name. My contact list is VERY long and I wouldn’t even bother taking the time to try and find the ones that I am missing from each client. Just a little side note.



These People Should Hire Me

If you are selling a “How to Blog” eBook and no one is buying it.

If your followers are only Mom, Dad, brother, and sister…

If you watch your stats page for more than an hour a day and it never moves.

If you show your spouse or significant other every email saying “You have a new follower.”

If you want more readers but have no idea what a “tag” is.

If you have good materiel and just don’t have the time or energy to get readers to visit your blog.

If your name is Justin Bieber or Peyton Manning.

If you like magic. [waves hands]


Where is OM???

Well OM had his first day of work today. It went well thank you all for asking.

Yes? You in the back.

What did you do on your first day OM?

I am SO glad you asked that random, creepy reader. I helped four clients today and completed one contract. I hope the blogger is happy. That makes 2 contracts so far.

I am not a sellout. I feel like one, at times, but I have never hidden my intention of finding some use for this blog in the future. So even though I know there is SOMEONE out there saying “Ah ha! I knew he was out to make money!” Yes… moron… I have always said this.

I don’t feel bad at taking the money I am given for my service. I am merely connecting people and to be honest… it is fun. You all would have no idea, but I am sure some of you have guessed, I have and do follow a ton of blogs. So these new clients with their “clean slates” it is… exciting. There! I said it. Call me crazy, call me a sociopath (like that one blogger did), I don’t care… I finally found a way to make money doing something I love doing. I am good at doing.

I read an article today that said “I read an article today that said to write longer posts. That is how to get followers.” My answer is WRONG! All these idiots selling these ebooks telling you how to write the perfect blog posts STOP BUYING THAT SHIT! IT DOESN’T MATTER. ANYONE CAN GAIN AN AUDIENCE. Unless you are absolutely horrible at writing, like 2nd grade level…, or your pictures are so bad I could have taken them… then I can get you an audience. I can get you a subscriber increase. Maybe that is only for one day, that is up to you really, but I will make it go up for one day…

And it isn’t my materiel people. I am not even reblogging all of these clients, I did two of them to test something. It was a good test btw.

I have spent 15 months trying to figure out what I should be doing… while I wasted away at my IT job. I think I finally figured out what it is. It is building blogs for people. I am good at it… and will keep doing it.


-Opinionated Man

City in the Fields

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for taking the time to participate! -OM
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Originally posted on Corvidae in the Fields:

There was a flash fiction challenge yesterday from Opinionated Man of which I had not participated. I had already posted yesterday’s flash, which was for another Reddit contest (did not win/no honorable mention). That’s not to say I’m upset about it. I didn’t want to leave people on here hanging.  The WordPress challenge seemed a little more like a Saturday write anyway. If people have read my blog for any length of time, they know I’ve spoke about my town slightly in my stories. In 1,000 words or less, I shall condense that.


Urbanites often clamor for the countryside, a respite from the “noise” and “pollution” of a metropolitan backdrop. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence especially if it’s compared to concrete. Plenty of green dots the landscape of my city, even if it’s mold. Perhaps the agricultural nature of the outer limits appeal, waving arms…

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Summer in the city

Opinionated Man:

I like it Doobster, thanks for taking part! -OM
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Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

Henry stepped out of his air conditioned apartment and onto the sidewalk. His glasses immediately fogged over. He couldn’t believe how incredibly hot and muggy it was this early in the morning.

The forecast called for the temperature to approach 100 by mid-afternoon, with close to 100% humidity. The early morning air was so thick and heavy that it felt as if you could cut it with a knife.

As he started his eight block walk from his apartment to his office, Henry’s head filled with the old Lovin’ Spoonful’s song, “Summer in the City.”

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city
All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

And then he thought back to the past winter’s so-called Polar…

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Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite

Opinionated Man:

Nice write and thanks for the share! Have a good weekend! -OM
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Originally posted on leftbraintendencies's Blog:

Did you ever say this to someone? My parents said this to me before bed often. This was way before I had knowledge of actual bedbugs being real.

This is not about bedbugs. I have insomnia. I fall asleep but I don’t stay asleep. This has been going on for four years.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for this problem. It is not the first time. I have anxiety and I have a lot of tools that help me manage anxiety while in a conscious state. I work out daily and have changed my diet in attempt to help with this.

I have used several medications to help with this issue. The doctor put me on a new medication yesterday.
I didn’t wake up last night for the first time in months.

It is a great feeling to wake up and not feel hung over from tiredness. It usually…

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In The Back of My Mind

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Originally posted on Adam's Blog:

There is a place, in the back of my mind, where the city never sleeps. Sure, the people in it sleep, but the city itself is alive. The buildings, the sidewalks, the cars, even the trash littering the streets, has a pulse. Has a conscious. Has a soul. In the dead of night you can hear the faint breathing of the massive structures. The creaking of the cement in the roads as they take deep breaths. You may wonder how people can go day to day, in a living city. How could they walk on the ground when it has a heartbeat just like any other passerby? Well the answer is simple. Nobody knows it’s alive. They’ve been so absorbed in their lives, that they are oblivious to the lives of the “beings” that they live in. Work in. Walk on every day. No one knows when the city started…

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FFFC – That one place…

Opinionated Man:

I appreciate you taking the time to participate and thanks for the pingback! -OM
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Originally posted on Every Girls' corner:

I’m writing this for a prompt by OM and his Flash Fiction Friday Challenge.

Describe for me a city, any city real or created, in less than 1,000 words. How much can you show the reader?

It used to be my favourite place. 
Walking down the cobblestone streets, streets not really aware of the fact that they should have been modernized years ago.
Seeing the old stone buildings tower over you, making you feel small, like an ant between all this beauty.
Feeling the breeze, coming from the beach, always just a few minutes away from where you are. That salty smell, the almost stickiness on your skin, that taste of freedom on your tongue.
Smelling the wonderful smells of the world around us, the pastries in the deli, the coffee coming from every direction, the sea, the people.
Hearing the ring of a bike bell, the music coming…

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A tale of two cities (OM’s FFFC)

Opinionated Man:

Very nice and thanks for remembering! ;) -OM
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Originally posted on Errant Satiety:

This is my response to OM’s Flash Fiction Friday Challenge, I am late but I have a note so I am excused. Not sure if I have actually met the brief but this is my take:

I dreamt of her spires last night, the gleaming beauty masking the terror and oppression housed within. A city, now forgotten, swallowed by hungry jungle eager to devour the cruel Titan who had ruled with hateful heart. Spires dressed in gold ripped from the earths womb by fear filled citizens bent on completion lest the masters wroth be stirred. Where slave market once stood jaguar pads softly scenting the air in search of mate. The earth rumbled her warnings shaking the mine to prohibit his incessant gluttony. But he took no heed, instead executing all survivors as guilty of the ruin. Life was cheap and the loss of his entertainment. The execution square…

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Way To Freak Out Bad Drivers

Opinionated Man:

I can relate. I really think I might buy an old truck one day and go to town… just hope I don’t end up in jail. -OM
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Originally posted on Unload and Unwind:

Hmm I’ve done this a bit lately but once again a post of OM’s ‘What is a Turn Signal‘ made me think of one of the few times I’ve had the pleasure of scaring the shit out of a driver who normally terrifies others.

Setting the Scene:

Peak hour traffic in the heart of the CBD and I am stopped at a red light.  Now normally I wouldn’t be there as driving in the city is a life and death mission at the best of times let alone at morning peak hour. However I had a doctor’s appointment and decided to drop my partner at uni before going.

mazda sportsNow when I say stopped at a red light I do not mean I came to a stop.  I was at the time of the incident fully stopped and the second car in line from the lights. Now out of…

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My City – Friday Flash Fiction Challenge by OM

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Very nice read. Thanks for taking part! -OM
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Originally posted on From my mind to your eyes:

   The endless rain of cars upon the streets lends a droning noise to the excited bustle of crowds that pace the streets in endless waves of cell phones and music players. Conversations you did not need to hear and lyrics you shouldn’t even be able to hear.

   Up and down and across the buses loop with black coughs. At even intervals, as trains arrive with squeals as painful as aching joints, and the ground rumbles in a mockery of the earthquake that has been on its way for the last fifty years.

   Around, buildings tower with promising winks and glassy eyes. Mirrors of desire. Coffee warms the hands of most who browse the streets. 

   Trees grow within their cages, trimmed and perfected. Blossoming in spring and illuminated in winter. They line the streets like ornamental filters. People flick their cigarette butts in appreciation.

   An overpriced…

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First Official Video

Opinionated Man:

Good luck! I myself don’t have the courage for YouTube. ;) -OM
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Originally posted on Excuse My Truths:

On Monday, February 24, 2014 I will be releasing my first official YouTube video. After the long wait and software malfunctions I have finally completed my Introduction.

I have a lot of ideas that I have been working on and seeing final product for each of them is very satisfying. Never have I work so hard on something before. Hopefully I can make, making videos a regular thing.

As of right now, due to my schedule, I will upload a video twice a month. Of course this plan will change once the summer is here. But for now, let the count down for the fist official video begin!


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Anti-Fracking Petition Presented To Parliament

Opinionated Man:

Interesting read. I think some of my other readers also write on fracking actually. -OM
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Originally posted on Unload and Unwind:

Thank you to everyone who supported the petitions and shared the information regard Fracking here in Australia and overseas.  Today Federal Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie, MP presented The Big Ban CSG Petition in the Federation Chamber of the Australian Parliament at 10:07:50am on Thursday 27 March 2014.

thank you 2

This was an important victory but only the first step.  Having raised the concerns of Australian voters to the point where it was necessary to table the document in parliament and with a reading is wonderful. Now we need to continue with the pressure on both the government and those companies who are the financial backers of this enterprise. If you haven’t had a chance to sign you can still add you name to the list or simply visit the site by clicking on the link in the first paragraph.

Below is a recording of the live feed during which the presentation…

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Online Marketing Consultant

I just created a new title for myself. Online Marketing Consultant. What do you think? I think that sounds good.

Hi My name is Jason and I am an Online Marketing Consultant. Would you like helping building your blog subscriber list? Great and good to meet you!


FFFC: Blackpond In Less Than a Thousand Words

Opinionated Man:

Thanks for the pingback and for taking part! -OM
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Originally posted on Blackbird's Nest:

Murky waters soiled Jake’s boots as he entered Blackpond, reddish-brown taint clinging to the faded black leather as the man trampled the puddles left behind by last night’s rain. It seemed there would never be a big enough storm to wash away the filth that had seeped into the very core of that city. Blackpond was, almost literally so, drowning in a pool of its own blood and shit. The mercenary sighed as he walked the streets he knew so well as a child, the military district where he had been born and its nearly identical little wooden homes was now a wasteland. The proud men and women who once lived there now gone, only the Gods would ever know for sure what had become of them.

Jake hadn’t been in his birthplace in years. He was now seeing the city for the first time since the death of its…

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I made my first business contract today. That was like sex… online… well you know what I mean.. no? Oh well..

Thanks to my first business partner. Anyone that is interested in subscriber growth can feel free and contact me. Thanks!


A Word About Words – Stephen Fry

Opinionated Man:

Well I learned something new today. -OM
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Originally posted on Unload and Unwind:

stephen-fry-incuriosity-56200 I came across this first thing this morning when taking a quick look at Facebook. My son had put this up on his page, mentioning having watched it in a lecture regarding language of the ‘proper’ use thereof and I found it both utterly hilarious as well as more than a little on the money.  So it seems we have a winner for the lead spot that will take us into the Weekend Funny Challenge while at the same time making more than just one point regarding the written word and all its possibilities in a way that only Stephen Fry could manage.  Don’t forget that the Weekend Challenge starts midnight tonight EST – so have your quirks, stories and laughs all lined up so we can all see just What Makes You Laugh.

Posting in March

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Contact Me for Audience Growth

I have decided to take on some contracts to help with audience growth. If you are interested and want to speak more about it please email me at aopinionatedman@gmail.com

I really only specialize in audience growth on WordPress as a platform. I am not technically an SEO specialist and this blog would really be my only resume. Please reach out if you are interested in creating a business relationship.




-Opinionated Man

Thank You – Donating to HarsH ReaLiTy

Thank you to the few that donated to the site. That is not a requirement and I will continue to blog for free, but I do appreciate it! I will obviously never say no to a donation, which is why I have the paypal button, so thanks!


Peyton Manning

Peyton, I know you read my blog so I just wanted to let you know that I hope the off season training is going as planned. I know you may have seen some Patriot fans around here lately and I wanted to reaffirm my loyalty and let you know I have no idea why they keep sticking around. I tell them to leave… they go and bring back friends. It is like some sick horror movie. I swear I am doing everything in my power Peyton to rid the world of fans of the Patriots, Tom Brady, and the evil that which is Belichick. I will continue to fight the good fight. Feel free and text me if you want… ok… no… busy… that is cool… I understand…


Flash Fiction Friday Challenge – All Writers Welcome

Describe for me a city, any city real or created, in less than 1,000 words. How much can you show the reader? I have only just begun writing fiction myself, so I would love to see what you got. If you pingback, reblog or send me the link I will Re-Blog it here on HR. Sounds like a fun Friday Challenge.

Here is an example of mine from a couple months ago.