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It’s hard to say whether I base my opinion off of opinions or facts. I try to be well educated on a topic before I make any conclusions, but let’s face it, we often base our opinions off of how we feel about something. And maybe once we learn more about it, our opinion will change because we feel differently about it.

Then we often get our news from talk shows and talk shows are generally opinionated in themselves, so we’re only getting one half of the story. I like to hear both sides before I really decide what I think is right. I don’t think there is any news that isn’t biased. And like social situations, it’s better to stay neutral until you have a decent argument against or for a certain topic.
My biggest pet peeve though is when people are so opinionated that they haven’t even thought…

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Ignorance on Autism…

  • LTS3 minutes ago

Having worked with kids for 25 yrs I am going to state this. Many kids , autistic or not, do not listen to the teachers and continue to do stupid behavior. Most times letting them get themselves in a “jam” and letting them see how stupid it is , is the ony way to get through to them.I can imagine the teacher has has to deal with this kid often and decided to let him exprerience how it feels to get stuck and see if he could get himself out of it…

  • Lgieh6 minutes ago

The teacher did the correct thing in this case. We all know that if the boy had hurt himself the parents most likely would be suing the School District and/or the teacher, looking only to make a quick buck, as they probably are contemplating now “…waiting to see what happens at the teacher’s hearing”. One thing she did right by video taping the boy with his head stuck was that she had proof he did this to himself and that he wasn’t in any danger or wasn’t harmed in any way, either by her or anyone else. The second thing was, that she was actually trying to teach him a lesson, not to be going around sticking his head in a place where it may get stuck, as well as how to free himself if he somehow doesn’t learn the lesson and does something like this again. I’m glad that some other parents came to her defense. It would be stupid to fire this teacher especially since she seemed to handle this situation correctly and hopefully, the boy, and his parents have learned from this and not try to make a quick buck from the teacher or the school.

  • Billy12 minutes ago

Maybe that kid is a constant handful, and she either wants to teach him something with this or get him placed elsewhere. “Autistic” can mean a million different things, not every autistic kid is helpless like many would believe, and some can be downright trouble makers, just like any other kid.

  • Ann Marie7 minutes ago

I would have recorded a couple of seconds to show his parents and be like see johnny isn’t the perfect angel you think he is at school, he is a handful sometimes (as all children are).

  • bonnie2 minutes ago

The Fire Dept. had to come to our school once when a kid got stuck very similarly, people just like to be outraged these days.

  • Peaotis4 minutes ago

A democratic form of entertainment.

  • Ryan6 minutes ago

I think we are getting a little to sensitive. We all had kids do goofy stuff like that in school and get embarrassed. Maybe she shouldnt have videotaped it but leaving him there for a few is ok .. No wonder our country has become a country of addiction..

A Teaching Lesson for Autism? Really???

Apparently this is a teaching tactic for autistic children… leaving them with their heads stuck in a chair for 15 minutes. I must read up on more “teaching techniques” for autism. I wasn’t aware this one was used. Way to go Goodrich, MI.


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