Sleeping Beauty

under a scant sun
winter throws his brume
of snow. fields lie vanquished
in lambent splendor. robed in frost,
trees stand in mute glory

under his imperial breath
creation covets the hearth
her haven, barren slumber:
a bold consummation of autumn’s bounty

the earth waits, a sleeping beauty
’til spring breaks upon the white
spell and redeems her joy.

Holistic Wayfarer
Holistic Journey

42 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Special. Your poetic style is clealry yours. If that makes sense??
    I had not seen the name of author and presumed it was OM – and then read – by the third line I knew it was yours :D
    Beautiful images and essence and all those lovely things that make poetry fab.

    • *Smile* That is funny…sweet…keen…quite special to hear, actually. That you soon realized it was mine. Wow. Though I’ve started sharing my poetry here, it’s not like you’ve seen a lot of it. And uh — I don’t think OM would start a poem this way, as creative as he is.

      Love the “essence”.
      Thanks a mil.


    • A pleasure hey :D
      And no – that was probably a SMALL clue right – OM has HIS own distinct style aswell – so it was a fairly safe guess that it was not his right! ;)

    • I’m an uncensored kind of soul. I feel like censorship is a form of dishonesty, and I’m nothing if not honest! If I’m always honest about exactly how I feel, and use exactly the best words I know to describe something (as long as it’s appropriate for the situation, like on the internet), I’m going to get my point across in what I consider the best possible way. So thanks for understanding, and not taking offence! :) I like to think of myself as a brutally honest soul, perhaps not for all to enjoy.

    • You won’t please everyone. What is “appropriate” remains up for debate bc I don’t think the simple fact that we are online licenses us to curse – esp with a name that is sacred to so many. At the same time, am not saying no one may out here. But that is my OPINION – on the Om board. =)

    • On editing and censorship:

      For me (and I know it won’t apply to everyone), the sifting through the possibilities for the perfect word is worth the labor precisely because the process helps me communicate what is real to me. It is not censorship as in a covering, but an excavation for treasure.

  2. “under his imperial breath
    creation covets the hearth
    her haven, barren slumber:
    a bold consummation of autumn’s bounty”

    I love the imagery of the consuming brutality of nature…awesome!
    Thank you for your support by the way.

    • =) It actually goes really well with the photo I used of another blogger’s on my board. I knew I had to use it (got the permission) – it was like what I had first seen in my head in the seed stage of the poem. Thanks so much.

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