Killed over a Photo bomb!

That picture must have been worth it! Killing someone over a photo… that takes the cake!

Let me Clarify one more Time

This is the last time I will write something of this nature. HarsH ReaLiTy is NOT a public website. It is owned privately, by me alone, and is a blank page for me to write whatever the fuck I want. That is what I have done, what I do currently, and what I will always do here… sharing my opinion on whatever floats my fucking boat (Yes, I just used the word FUCK twice, abnormal I know). If that offends you or you don’t want to be mentioned by me there are a few ways to help avoid that.

  1. Don’t email me.
  2. Don’t write about my website or me.
  3. Don’t comment on my website.
  4. Don’t be North Korean.

These are the ONLY people I ever comment on without permission. So it is really simple actually, if you don’t want me to mention you (and by the way I don’t ever post anyone’s name or website here without good reason) just stay away. Plenty of WordPress room for both of us.

This website is my journal, my FaceBook, my rant book, my twitter, my sand to draw in, my whatever the hell I want it to be on any given day. That is how I treat it and that is how I like to blog. I normally could care less what people think, but in this case I needed to respond because of a recent email. If you don’t want me to possibly call you out, don’t talk to me. This is not a company, it is a one man show and guess what? Sometimes I have bad days and sometimes I feel like kicking rabbits. I truly hope that offended someone.

It really is that DAMN simple.


Dear Follower

Dear Follower,

I will no longer buckle under repeated email pressure to re-blog anyone. I admit you got me with your request and urgently worded emails about needing to be re-blogged for school. Funny how as soon as I re-blogged you the emails stopped. Not even a thank you… awesome. Sometimes I am just a sucker.