This Website is Pure WordPress

This site will no longer be connected to any other websites. No Facebook, Twitter, Instawhatever, or LinkedIn will be used. If you wish to follow this website I appreciate it. My email is posted but I would ask that you only use that for emergency reasons. Thank you to those that followed me on Twitter, I actually will miss my drunken 140 character rants…


49 thoughts on “This Website is Pure WordPress

  1. Must admit don’t go on the other communties much…I’m more or less pure WP too, with and old Facebook account that I’ve had since 2009 and their shoot offs. Never understood the need for all the other stuff actually. But then, I’m just like to blog and write poems etc ;-) Have a great day and a wonderful holiday Season OM!


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  3. I was actually just wondering what happened to you… fresh starts are always good… and time to release the closet’s mess… I was going to post my challenge on your blog… but all that’s gone… But I can ask you if you have any interest in joining in my challenge… writing a short piece about your own unique awakening experience? Take care, Barbara


  4. I like this layout OM it’s brighter 😊 ok pure wordpress it is. I don’t have Face book or twitter but since doing this whole blogging thing I signed up for FB today! Haha but then I didn’t know how to put the FB on the blog and it wouldnt allow me because I have no fans haha so all that effort wasted lol anyway, yeah enjoy the rest of your day!


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