HarsH ReaLiTy

HarsH ReaLiTy will turn one years old January 3rd, 2014. I decided to start a New Years type revival prior to that point. This is a fresh start. I am here to share my writing and anyone that wishes to read it can. Anyone that doesn’t… don’t. I hope you all have a great holiday and you enjoy my blog book. It will be a live roll out that will post a page a day and I am writing it as we go. It should be fun and will keep me motivated. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for all the support.


16 thoughts on “HarsH ReaLiTy

  1. It’s amazing how quick time goes, and how much you have done this past year! I have an anniversary coming up on Feb 8, and seriously looking at what direction I want to take for 2014. I like the clean start you have here.

  2. Oh, geez. Sorry. I just now understood what is going on. I thought you had already completely wrote it and I was trying to use the link for more of the goodness and it wasn’t taking me anywhere. :/

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