Candy Crush causes Depression

I believe the “Please Try Again” from Candy Crush causes a large amount of stress and possible depression. It is worse than seeing a big GAME OVER flash before your face, which I may add is very unproductive in terms self-esteem, and instead it is sort of eggs you on to play more. I hate this game and you can spend days trying to beat the same level. I refuse to link to my Facebook again so I am stuck with an actual clock that counts down the seconds till I am “privileged” enough to receive free lives. You want to talk depression? There is some depression for you waiting on a cell phone notification! Candy Crush I hate you… and yet I still love to play.


48 thoughts on “Candy Crush causes Depression

  1. I refuse to download Candy Crush on any of my devices! Don’t get me wrong, I play it on my kids iPad, my mother’s Kindle and my husband’s phone. But I know that would be highly addicted and most like fall into some deep depression as well. LOL

  2. Who would have thought with all of the graphic strides made over the years such a simple game could waste so much time. I am glad I never played the game and doesnt see the hype

  3. I guess wondering how I’m going to pass the next level while filling out papers at work means serious condition? At least I haven’t gotten to playing it during lunch break :D

  4. I don’t play Candy Crush. But I do play Mario, Zelda and Pokemon and whenever I see “Game Over”, I feel very, very, very dejected but at the same time very, very, very determined. That is love.

  5. I have very strong opinions about online gaming and I know a LOT about this topic. I was thinking of starting a blog on this very thing. There are chemical reactions in the brain from online gaming. It’s an addiction. Quitting or stopping stops the dopamine rush we get….then we crash or get angry or upset (withdrawals). Maybe I’m going overboard which I try not to do on someone’s blog. But I hope you hear I’m just sharing info on the subject and thinking aloud here. Hugs!

  6. I’ve avoided candy crush but I have been addicted to Spider for years. When I wasn’t playing I was devising ways of avoiding playing. Never successful. I have to say though I now think I’m more addicted to blogging and Spider has finally taken a back seat.

  7. Lol I only play my 5 little lives and then I am done. Juice cubes is kind if like that but you can open treasure chest and hopefully get a map …… love words with friends …… and just started a new one gems with friends …..

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