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I came across this today in the forums when I was finding out about this “wordpress 2013 review” post being shared around. I find it amusing that people not only jump to conclusions but also are quick to lie. Have some class people.

“I have a follower who has just started following my blog. He (or she) has said on their blog that they abuse and offend everyone who has a blog. How do I either block this person or remove and not let them follow again. Their blog address is http://aopinionatedman.com My writings are just lighthearted fun without opinionated man ruining it with his abusive comments. I know I reject his comments but it still hurts me to even read what he puts.

In advance thank you for your help”

Learn how to read, I don’t go around abusing blogs or bloggers. My tagline addresses my words on my blog. If they offend you block my blog, but don’t go running to WordPress and their developers with fake accusations. That is just weak. I don’t comment on anyone’s blog unless they pingback, link to my page, or directly address me in their post.

People are so sensitive.


Stuck at Work

Happy New Years to me… stuck at work on new year’s eve. No Microsoft this holiday does not deserve to be capitalized. I never get it off! And why is it that while the peons work and slave away during the holidays all we can imagine is the owners and bosses of our companies laughing, drinking champagne, sitting in their cabins, at the beach where it is warm, toasting in the new years and generally having a good time… no that couldn’t possibly be true. They are probably hard at work on new year’s eve as well. I just know it.

Oh well, happy new years everyone. Be safe.


The Daily Opinion – Society

With the growth in surveillance and the monitoring of society by “World Governments” do you as a citizen feel safer with more eyes on your every action?

Changes, a Tale of Two Blogs, New Years, & Updates

That is a really long title, but it covers everything I wish to say in this post. I am pleased to announce that my other website is fully up and running. I have gone back and forth about what I want “A Good Blog is Hard to Find” to be about and I can’t decide. So with my indecision comes a decision actually. I will run both blogs at the same time equally. I have even separated my “office time” between the two so you will know which site I will primarily be on. I placed a text box on the right column that shows my “office hours.” I also added a “recent posts widget” to show the posts on the alternate blog.

My goal for this New Year in terms of blogging is really simple. I will attempt to write four blog posts per website daily during my work week. We will see how that goes. These posts will range from Poetry, The Daily Opinion, World Opinions, Personal Articles, Creative Writing, and The Lost Journals which is my attempt at flash fiction. These will be my primary focuses this next year for both blogs. The only posts that will be copied to both websites are announcements and The Lost Journal entries. All other posts will be new and specific to each website, so I hope my readers get a chance to visit both websites to see all my articles for the day.

I will provide a brief breakdown of my categories for the year.

Poetry – I generally write prose, but sometimes like to try a rhyme or two. I am new at writing poetry even though I have been attempting to write it since I was 12. I love showing my audience what I am seeing through my words.

The Daily Opinion – These are writing and thought prompts that I do for fun. I enjoy sharing an opinion even if it is not my own sometimes. Debate and healthy conversation is never a bad thing.

World Opinions – I care about the world and what happens in it. I frequently visit news websites and watch a lot of news during the day. This allows me to rant and rave about humans on a nightly basis.

Personal Articles – I will occasionally share a bit about myself. It took me a whole year to give you my first name, which is Jason if you missed it. We will see what I share this year.

Creative Writing – Sometimes my writing just cannot be categorized as a “prose” or even a random article. I will then just claim it is “creative” and hope people accept that.

The Lost Journals – This is my attempt at flash fiction. All names, people, and places in this online book are fiction. I want to clarify that this is not me copying another book, I am writing this real-time for your enjoyment. Each “page” is being written as a current post when and as I feel like adding to the story. I think this is going to be an exciting book and I hope some of you enjoy following it this year. I will post these pages on both blogs.

My blogs can be found at www.shatteredsmoke.com and www.aopinionatedman.com. Thank you again for the support and the encouragement. I appreciate all my readers.

One last update. My two eBooks from 2013 have been pulled, unpublished, and shelved. They will no longer be available for purchase. I appreciate everyone that bought and gave them a read. It was a great learning experience! I am still deciding my future plans in terms of books, eBooks, and publishing.

Thank you to Drakon http://submissivenextdoor.wordpress.com/ for the new Colorado Blogger Badge! I am proudly flying it on both my blogs!

-Opinionated Man

cob OM5

I wouldn’t read that…

Have you ever gone back and read what you wrote the night before and wondered if someone hacked your account? And then you see something distinct… say a smiley face or a signature and you *groan* because you know it WAS you that wrote it? Yep that happened last night…

For everything except the Justin Bieber post of course.

-Opinionated Man

BTW: I am glad I don’t get hangovers.