Jason Cushman

  There is always discussion about anonymity and blogging. There is less of one about anonymity and business, but I think I have already run into some issues with that. I have always hidden my name for safety, practicality, and just… because. I am not important and so it really isn’t a huge deal who … Continue reading

WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

This website is about connections. Not necessarily with me, but with people you may never have met otherwise. How many connections can be made on a blog? Let’s find out. I will make this post a sticky for a month. Reblog, share, connect, and enjoy seeing and viewing other cultures, opinions, and people. I will … Continue reading

For Males Only – “Women are EASY to Understand”

I see a lot of articles by both men and women claiming that “women are hard to understand.” Why do people find women so complex and difficult to decipher? I figured it was my duty to provide some basic pieces of information for those “lost souls” that cannot understand the opposite sex. You may thank … Continue reading

I am a horrible writer

I often get amused when I get such positive feedback and wonder whether honesty accompanies the words given to me. I think I am a horrible writer on most days, but like every writing blogger I still write. Because I love it. I dream about writing and hope for the prefect sentence. It is the … Continue reading