WordPress Meet and Greet #3 – All Bloggers Welcome

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. All bloggers are welcome to use this post as a “Self-Promotion” thread for their blog, projects, … Continue reading

Male Advice – “What to do if a Woman Cheats on You!”

So the day may come when a woman will viciously rip your heart out of your chest, take a bite out of it, and then nonchalantly drop it in a doggie bag before throwing it at your feet. It will be brutal, it will leave you in shock, and it can be very easy to … Continue reading

You People Don’t Know Offensive

I get amused weekly by what people get offended over. You people don’t know offensive. I am not sure which is more amusing the people that get mad or the ones that say “you haven’t offended me yet.” I have yet to try people… Kiddie punches are being thrown on this website this year so … Continue reading

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

She comes into your life and brings nature’s blessing. And with her entrance comes a curse of wanton passion. The grass is still alive as it blazes in the sun. The chorus of our laughter floats gently in the Spring breeze. We are the definition of love and our hands are linked as we dance amongst the … Continue reading

Kickstarter Failure

Dear Jason Cushman, We’re sorry to report that your project, HarsH ReaLiTy, didn’t meet its funding goal. We know how much hard work goes into running a project. You’ve made tremendous progress by launching and working to build a community around your idea. As you’re figuring out your next steps, don’t forget to keep your … Continue reading